So you’ve got the Detox part figured out, now its time to organise food for the ongoing weeks.

The answer is simple: Eat Real Food ONLY! Fruit, Veggies, Meat, and Nuts. It’s that simple. If it doesn’t ‘live,’ don’t eat it!

For some, it’s easier to explain what NOT to eat. Generally anything packaged, particularly if it contains Carbs: bread, pasta, cereal, and generally anything that can be stored at room temperature (eg fruit juice).

I know it sounds simple, and it is – so why is it so hard? Generally because the hard part is being organised.

Here’s the Overview:

Breakfast: Fruit and Nuts, or for the protein lovers, meat and eggs

Snack: Fruit and Nuts (only a handful)

Lunch: Meat and Salad

Dinner: Meat and Vegetables

Avoid processed sauces and look for natural flavours like chili, lemon, olive oil, iodised salt.

BUT I Thought…

I know, everyone has a “BUT.”

“But  thought porridge was good for you…”

“But I only eat natural yogurt…”

The truth is this: the most common food intolerances (think  mild allergy) come from Dairy; Grains; and Additives / Preservatives. The chances are there is one of these which aggravates your digestive system. So we’re ruling them out!

In answering your question, yes these foods may be fine for you, but chances are there’sONEfood type in the list above which is not. By eliminating all from your diet for 2 weeks, and re-introducing them one at a-time, you’ll immediately know if any don’t agree with you

Most of these foods have only recently been introduced into our diets, so not all of our digestive systems have evolved to digest them.


Real fresh food, just like our cavemen ancestors were eating 10,000 years ago!

What About Rice and Potato?

It’s borderline. For the sake of two weeks I suggest you rule them out and replace it with veggies. They’re very starchy, and contain little benefits aside from calories (lacks the vitamins and minerals found in veggies. They’re Simple Carbs, which means they should be burnt off quickly if you do eat them or they’ll easily convert to fat.

Also, most of our diets are already too Carb dominant (mainly due to fat being eliminated from our foods and replaced with sugar), so cut excess carbs out and eat more protein which should lead to less calories consumed since they take longer to digest and make you feel full.

If you do absolutely NEED rice, go for basmati or brown.

Which Fruit & Vegetables?

They’re all good. As mentioned earlier green is great for the two week plan. Another trick is this:

The thinner the skin (strawberries, most vegetables), the more antioxidants it contains. This is because they have less protection from the sun so need the extra antioxidants for protection!

Thick skins however, are also very beneficial for their fiber (apples, pears). So the answer is to eat a variety.

Please see the following Article for suggested Meals…