3-4 Yr Old Tennis Whizz

A question of arises by most parents, “When is the right age to start sending my kids to tennis lessons?”. Really it depends upon what is the goal for the child? Is it to play professional tennis or just social? If you are in doubt it may be a good idea to pop down to […]

Essential Tennis Skills

What makes a good tennis player? Is it technique? Perhaps it is fitness? Or tactical knowhow? Or is it just plain old practice? Tennis is a difficult game to master and all of the above are need to master it completely. But spending time with your tennis coach or on the practice courts will certainly […]

New Year Goals

Like anything in life, a new year heralds the start of a new start. This can be taken into any avenue of life as is just as pertinent in your leisure pastimes.

Game Analysis – Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi was one of tennis’s most dynamic players, although he retired in 2006 his game is still well worth analysing to help improve your own. Go through past footage of Andre with your coach and study his technique, you will find this to your advantage. In this analysis we focus on some of his […]

Getting Over Letdowns In Tennis

The well known tennis coach from New Zealand, Tony Wilding once said “Never relax for one moment, no matter what the score.” This obviously is a lot easier to say than actually do. In all sports after a period of constant pressure, people let down. And unless another action packed emergency comes along nothing can […]

How Do The Best Players Concentrate On The Contact Point

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It has long been established that watching the top pro’s can help improve your own game, pay attention to their body movements and temperament during the course of a match. Focus on particular shots or areas of your game that need improvement and study the player executing their own versions of a shot or a […]

Good Eating And Tennis

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Tennis is a particular game for many reasons, and one is the length some matches take to complete. Unlike many team games, tennis does not offer the chances in a game or match to take a break whilst your team-mates take up the action. Therefore it is essential that your body has the strength to […]

Top Tips To Win On Clay

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Top Tips To Win On Clay A versatile player can master any surface although it could be argued that each individual has a natural game of their own that could be better suited to one surface or another. The natural bassline players prefer slower courts and clay is often the type of surface they […]

How To Deliver A Fierce Kick Serve

Some people say that every shot in tennis is important and to some extent this is quite true as one lax shot could lose you the point. However, the first shot you hit, be it a serve or return has far more consequence than a simple half volley over the net to continue a rally. […]

Pre Match Diets And What You Should Eat

Preparing for a big match can take weeks. Getting fitness levels up to scratch, working on your technique and analysing your opponent. One of the final parts of the equation is nutrition, you need enough fuel and fluid in your body to withstand the demands of matchplay. Getting information from your club is a good […]