A question of arises by most parents, “When is the right age to start sending my kids to tennis lessons?”.

Really it depends upon what is the goal for the child? Is it to play professional tennis or just social? If you are in doubt it may be a good idea to pop down to your local club and ask their tennis coach for advice.

Tennis World North Sydney offer a Hot Shots Coaching scheme that could be just the thing if you want to introduce your child into the sport. Hot Shots have launched a fun filled packed half hour with new skills and strokes introduced each week according to their class level, using easy to use techniques.

The Complete Program

Six key elements combine to create the foundation of every Tennis Whizz on court session, making sure the kids have fun as well as developing their skills. These elements combine to give a child not just a complete understanding of the game of tennis but also a complete range of athletic skills.


Tennis is all about keeping the ball in a defined space, and learn how to negotiate the net. By changing the space and the court size the kids become aware of it and the coaching involves a variety of different movements and experiences, tennis starts with understanding the space.


Once a child understands a space, they start to move around it and a number of different types of equipment can be employed to let them have fun in it: different balls, balloons, and the kids learn to control them utilizing, rolling, pushing, throwing and hitting etc.


Children learn about their associates on and off the court, and begin their social interaction. They learn to cooperate, play and compete, how to respect their teachers / coaches.


Whizz Kids lessons are not just about physical activity, so a planned set of skills and experiences are woven into every lesson. For instance scoring enhances numeracy, patterning, sorting, counting, left and right.


There are a vast array of physical skills that are developed within Whizz Kids tennis. Coordination, body part relationships, posture, body rotation including twisting, bending and stretching.


Although basic tennis lessons are often taught with children standing and hitting from a static position, children do benefit at a young age from as many movement experiences as possible.

These basic movements are then augmented and modified into specific movements that are used in tennis but also can be transferred into other sports.

The basic movements are arm movements, including swinging and flapping and travelling movements, running, jumping, hopping and skipping.

Tennis Whizz Kids also has one more vital component including all of the above, and that is that the children have lots of fun. Letting your three or four year old child attend these tennis lessons is not just all about tennis, it gives them essential skills for early development.