Like anything in life, a new year heralds the start of a new start. This can be taken into any avenue of life as is just as pertinent in your leisure pastimes.

It can be really useful to set goals in your tennis game also, tell your coach and your playing partner what parts of your game you want to improve.

This has a twofold benefit, firstly your tennis coach and friends can help you along the way, and secondly the more people you disclose your intentions to, the more likely you will not want to embarrass yourself and fail.


How To Make Your Goals Work

Any new year’s resolution that is too weak will not achieve anything, it you set the bar low then your achievements will be low, and you will not attain any major accomplishment.

Statements like “This year I want to improve my backhand,” is too weak. If you really want to improve your backhand, set goals how you are going to set about doing it. Training drills, practice sessions and so on, and put a realistic time element on achieving it.


How Do You Ensure You Keep To The Plan

If you part in advance for costly sessions with a coach, it is far more likely that you will have the desire to attend them. Book concentrated sessions with him to focus on your goal, do not fall into the trap of booking a couple of lessons to see if it works. Have the conviction to follow your resolution properly through.

It is natural for many people to find a reason not to continue when things are not going that well, which they are bound to at some point. If you have committed in terms of hard earned money then the motivation to see thing through is stronger.


New Year’s Resolutions And Systems Change

It is better if you only make one or two newTennis Goals2 year’s resolutions, that way you focus better and not have too many diversions in your concentration.

It is a common trait that if you do not change the system of your life pattern that caused the malaise in the first instance then it is likely you will not change or improve it.

This goes for your tennis game as well, if there is a problem in an area that you have identified and actually made a resolution to improve. Look at the whole picture and see if there are any elements outside your game or actually in your practice that are contributing factors to the problem.

Perhaps you are always late for practice? Perhaps you are thinking about your work and not paying attention to what your coach is saying? You can change these problems by having better calendar control, or sorting your business problems out before you take to the court.

Make your resolution worthwhile and challenge yourself, take out any external influences that might hinder your success. And have fun trying to make a success of your new year’s resolution.