How To Play Like You Train

This article focuses on the area of being able to take your tennis techniques and general play into match play environments. So how do you take the same qualities such as; focus, energy, relaxed intensity and attitude into a match that you have achieved in training? The short answer from tennis coaches is; awareness and […]

How To Dominate A Tie Break

It is a common feature of a match where two players are of even skill and fitness for tie breaks occur. Therefore it should be a part of your game that you develop a strategy for just like any other. You can work with your tennis coach in training what is the best strategy for […]

Are You A Fair Weather Tennis Player?

Unlike most top professionals the majority of us do not get paid for chasing the sun around the globe in pursuit of their sport. We make do with playing after work or weekends and I suppose occasionally on holiday. For those who live in colder climates then often our tennis shoes get stored away for […]

Does Your Game Need A Tennis Fix?

This blog is all about changing your game for the better, old bad habits die hard and sometimes players fall back into apathy that what they are doing is correct. You can never stop improving on your game, the changes do not have to be drastic but a tweak here or there could really affect […]

How To Choose A Tennis Racket

Playing tennis in Australia is made relatively simple by the number of excellent clubs available such as Tennis World North Sydney. Most players have their own equipment such as rackets, sports shoes etc. however if you are a tourist or just trying out different rackets in order to choose one to buy, you probably need […]

Resources Needed To Play Tennis

When playing tennis at our local club or park many players do not even consider what resources actually have to go into making their game pleasureable. Most Australian top clubs such as Tennis World North Sydney have heavily invested in infrastructure and resources to ensure they provide the best facilities and conditions for their members […]

Tennis Etiquette

Whether you are playing social tennis or tournament level, there is one thing that is essential and that is Tennis Etiquette. Reputable tennis clubs around Australia such as Tennis World North Sydney, enforce etiquette at all times and the club professionals are happy to point you in the right direction. Perhaps of all sports alongside […]

Australian Tennis Awards

The Australian Tennis Awards and the Newcombe medal are the pinnacle of recognition by the sport to celebrate major achievements in Australian tennis. The Newcombe Medal celebrates and recognises the performances, achievements and contributions made by members of the tennis family each year. The award is awarded annually to Australia’s most outstanding elite tennis player […]

Travel Tips For Tennis Players

As you progress in the sport it becomes a necessary obligation to travel, and as the higher you climb the tree the more excessive the travel becomes. Young players are perhaps the more susceptible to be affected by the additional stress and strain of staying away from home and everything that entails from exhaustive travel. […]

The World Top 5 Female Tennis Players 2016

Female tennis players have been all over the world news recently for apparently being overpaid. This accusation was levelled at them from certain top male pro’s. However, it was not a case of the female players being overpaid it was more that the male players felt they were underpaid. Why was this? Don’t female players […]