Healthy Eating for Fat Loss -MAIN MEALS

Spiced Vegetables 1 onion, diced 1 ½ teaspoons sweet paprika 1 ½ teaspoons chilli powder 2 tablespoons cumin 2 tablespoons dry, fresh coriander 1 tablespoon white pepper 2 carrots, roughly chopped 2 parsnips, roughly chopped 2 large sweet potato, roughly chopped

24 Hour DETOX Plan

  Ok, so we’re now ready for the 24 hour Detox. REMEMBER: Your Goal is two-fold; Give your digestive system time to Rest by eating less total calories, and easily digested food (Less Work = Time to Recover). Eat Alkaline Foods which helps Restore your Digestive System from TOXIC to Alkaline (Green fruits & vegetables!) […]

What does a DETOX Do?

What is a DETOXIFICATION Meant to Do? As most people understand, a detox is a cleansing of your body. More specifically, it’s a cleansing of your digestive system. The reason we need this is because our modern diets have placed huge stress on our stomach and liver which processes the food we eat. The main […]