What is a DETOXIFICATION Meant to Do?

As most people understand, a detox is a cleansing of your body. More specifically, it’s a cleansing of your digestive system.

The reason we need this is because our modern diets have placed huge stress on our stomach and liver which processes the food we eat. The main culprits being unnatural chemicals like preservatives, additives, trans fat; as well as the actual processes which go into food (extracting, packaging etc) – all of which make our food highly acidic.

Our digestive system is healthiest at a pH of about 7 (Neutral). Anything which raises the acidity level means it has to work harder to bring it back down. The more acidic food we eat, the harder it works. If we continue to overwhelm our digestive system, it simply becomes exhausted whereby our Gut can’t neutralise it’s own system, leading to a TOXIC environment.

High Acidic Food = More Work for our Gut to Neutralise = Exhaustion = Can’t Keep it’s pH at Neutral and Becomes Toxic!

A Toxic Gut leads to a downward spiral whereby:

a) Food can’t be processed properly so has a much higher chance of turning to fat rather than being eliminated

b) Even the ‘goodness’ in food (vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc) cannot be properly absorb which means even the ‘healthy’ stuff is not helping us to it’s full capabilities (this is why taking supplements is not enough – if your system is toxic they will not be properly absorbed!)

Your body wants to be healthy. It is not fighting against you, you are fighting against it! You see, unlike other organs (eg your heart and lungs), your digestive system has the ability to repair itself… it just needs a chance!

So What’s a DETOX supposed to do? Well, quite simply, neutralise your Gut so you can better digest your food! That’s it!!! The complication has come from ‘fad’ marketing companies creating detox programs which are really classified as a crash diets, where you simply cut calories. In our next article, we will explain How a Detoxification Should be Done. So remember; if it doesn’t cleanse your System, it’s not a Detoxification, it’s a Crash Diet!!! And these short term diets generally lose you water weight NOT Body Fat!!! Worse still, by cutting calories they create further stress on your body’s hormones and digestive system which can make losing body fat even harder!!!

Stay tuned tomorrow, as we’ll show you How to Successfully Complete a 24 hour DETOX…

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