Should You Take Your Racket Back Quickly

A question often asked by players and tennis enthusiasts when practising their groundstrokes is, “Should I take my racket back quickly?” The simple answer to this is, No! And the answer might not be what you are thinking. It should not be the first course of action to immediately take your racket back. Every ball […]

Why Don’t You Play Like Roger Federer

If you study Roger Federer and the ways he plays, you will notice that for a high percentage of his game he does nothing extravagant. In fact he plays a level level of percentage tennis, he plays consistently and moves the ball around the court waiting for his opportunity to strike.

Kids Tennis and Hot Shots

Do you live in the Elizabeth Bay, Woolahara, Double Bay or Darlinghurst areas of Sydney and are looking for a tennis club for your kids tennis lessons, then Tennis World North Sydney offer the ANZ Hot Shots Program.

Advanced Tennis Strategies

The top players in the world not only possess excellent technique, they utilise strategy with advanced tactical solution. This sort of strategy allows them to overcome any situation that arises, so they adapt their play accordingly.