Learning From Serena Williams

Watching the pro’s can be a great way to learn the game in any sport, tennis is no difference. Observing the great players will assist in many things such as technique and tactics.

Essential Tennis – 3 Common Shots

Tennis comprises of three basic strokes with many variations of these shots plus also more advanced strokes and trick shots. While you spend time developing your own technique and shot styles you need to fully master the basics. At a later stage developing more advanced variations and strokes will give your game a more versatile […]

4 Very Interesting Tennis Strategies

Everybody knows that tennis is a physical game that uses stamina, muscles, balance and hand to eye coordination. To perfect your game you must concentrate on perfecting your technique and developing the relevant muscle groups as part of your training to avoid injury and strains. However, the mental part of tennis is just as important […]

4 Types of Tennis Opponent

Tennis opponents vary in tactics, size, strength, ability and mental agility. Every opponent you face will be different than the last player you played against. However, there are four basic categories of tennis players which most people fit into.

What to Expect from a Tennis Coach

Hiring a tennis coach can help you improve your game, reduce the likelihood of injury and hopefully increase your enjoyment of the game of tennis as your skills improve. Everyone will have different expectations and requirements from a coach based such factors as their age, current playing ability and objectives. Someone new to the game […]