Learning tennis in Australia is ideal not only because the weather is so clement, but also because Australia has some of the best coaching facilities and coaches in the world.

Sydney is no exception to this, and there are many fine tennis schools and excellent professional coaches to choose from.

Normally coaching lessons involve grading the students before tailor making a program to develop their skills. This grading could be on age or on ability or a mixture of the two.

All children have the opportunity to be in a tennis coaching program designed to help them progress from beginner to a tournament standard player. Students are normally coached on a court size specifically to meet their needs. Often programs have three levels at each stage; development, competition and elite performance.

Early Development


A starter program designed to develop gross motor and movement skills with the beginning of tennis. The fundamentals of tennis are introduced but importantly keeping the fun aspect of it all.

The lessons are kept short, normally a maximum of thirty minutes with no more than four students per class. There will be specially designed equipment to assist juniors.

Little Legends


These slightly larger students will start learning some of the basic strokes and to develop their grip. Here students are encouraged to rally the ball and to score points.

The equipment will be modified and low compression balls will be used to slow the play a little.

Junior Development

The fundamentals of tennis are taught from; grip, swing patterns, rally abilities, serving and receiving.

Lessons are increased to an hour and the classes may be slightly larger with say 6 students in the class. The groups will be graded in terms of ability.

Private Lessons

Of course if money is no object, then private lessons can be paid for and one to one tuition is given.

This is a perfect way for beginners to catch up with their peers without feeling embarrassed about their poor technique and lack of skill.

Private lessons can also be advisable intermediate and advanced pupils who wish to hone a particular part of their game. Perhaps extra tuition on some shot play such as slice or topspin will develop their overall game.

One to One tuition is advisable to prepare a student before a tournament or big match. The physiological and mental preparation needed is difficult to be taught in a large group scenario.

Through all this an elite squad system may be implemented to fast track talented players through the system. Normally these are given a colour coding such as; Elite Red Ball class, here advanced players are grouped together and coached at a higher level. Developing complex shots and techniques that are normally beyond average players.

Sydney has many clubs and private coaches offering such services, they will develop and hone skills and encourage fitness and training.

Learning tennis is made easier with the professional coaches at Tennis World North Sydney. To find out more and to make your booking, contact our friendly team today!