Kinder Tennis

Try our new morning Kinder Tennis program

Our latest program, Kinder Tennis, is designed for 2 to 4 year old’s and supports their development across fine and gross motor skills, balance, socialisation with others and provides parent and bub plenty of bonding moments.

Kinder Tennis classes are parent participation classes.

For children between 4 – 5, who are ready to participate on their own, the best program is Launch Pad. In Launch Pad, children will develop fine and gross motor skills and also, to support their development in time for Big School. In addition, they will start to enjoy the game of tennis.

Kinder Tennis and Launch Pad classes commence on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. 

Kinder Tennis is a 30 minute class and starts at 9:30AM.

Launch Pad is a 30 minute class and starts at 10:00AM.

If you sign up after your free lesson, Kinder Tennis is $21 per lesson and Launch Pad is $23. No registration fee


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