World Tennis Championships

The world’s best known and most prestigious of all the tennis tournaments in the world are the four Grand Slam events. The four Grand Slam events are: Wimbledon, The US Open, The French Open and The Australian Open. Trying to separate these Grand Slam events in order of prestige is a little difficult as there […]

Types Of Tennis Tactics

The game of tennis has been around for over a hundred years and the development of tactics and strategies has evolved during this time to a sophisticated cat and mouse set of ploys and deceptions. When you first start the game it is just a case of learning the shots and strokes, following this is […]

Popular Australian Tennis Players

Australian tennis was at the forefront of developing the modern game as we know it today. There have been numerous male and female Australian players who have made an impact on the game worldwide and have become global sporting stars in their own right. Below we list some of the biggest names and most popular […]